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New coding camp for 2016.

We like the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body.For a very long time now we've been teaching children and adults to surf and enjoy the power of the Atlantic safely and with the most fun possible.We also see the need in Achill Island especially, and in Ireland in general to teach our kids how to be producers, rather than consumers of technology.For a small Island off the coast of Europe (I'm talking about Achill now!)  our kids grow up without any access to computer technology apart from using information and data created elsewhere.

We think it would be cool to start changing our kids from users to developers-at least to begin the process of having them use programming ideas and methodology to see how the world of technology is moving, and provide them with the mindset to go out and start making stuff for themselves.

In a time when apps, drones and the cloud are changing the way that we work, think and play, learning how to create and control these aspects of our lives has become increasingly important.

With this in mind we have developed a week long coding programme that we are running in 2016 as a fun, enjoyable and practical activity designed to give children an understanding of programming principles.Taken alone, or in conjunction with our surfing activities, we think we have a complete mind and body activity package to challenge your children this summer in Achill Island!

Read more about our summer coding camp here.

Learn how to program in a chaild friendly environment.

Blackfield Surf and coding School

Keel Beach,
Achill Island,

Email: info@blackfield.com
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